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Restoring Safety & Security

Madison has always been a safe city and one of the nation's highest ranked places to live. But due to the failed leadership of our mayor, city council, and county executive, we are facing massive surges in crime.

Those who keep breaking the laws are going unpunished. A state senator was attacked downtown, a young girl murdered on East Washington, and a former school board member killed by a fleeing felon.

Its time to step up and Save Madison. This isn't a matter of Democrats and Republicans. The issues facing our city are bipartisan, and so are we. Save Madison is building a coalition to demand accountability and support competent, common sense candidates for local office.


This is what we are doing

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Stop the Violence & Crime

Letting shootings, home invasions, and car thefts go unpunished won't lead to a better society. Failing to draw the line between peaceful first amendment exercise, and violent destruction hurts the causes of those who work everyday to make positive change.

Hold Leaders Accountable

Madison's mayor and city council intentionally held back law enforcement while arsonists and looters destroyed our city. When a violent rioter extorted restaurants, they called for his early release. Local leaders should side with citizens, not criminals.

Support Public Officials

We need to support public officials who believe in a peaceful, civil society. Now is the time to improve law enforcement, not defund it, and we need to elect a city council that will stand up for our local small businesses, not demonize them.



Send a message to the mayor and Common Council to hold them accountable for:

- Allowing rioters to burn and loot our city

- Calling for the release of violent criminals

- Trying to defund the police department


How to Get Involved

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Become a Candidate

It only takes 20 signatures to run for Common Council. Madison's alders affect everyday life in the city, and we need new, common sense voices to stand up for what's right.

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Participate in the Election

The most powerful thing you can do is vote. Many city and county leaders run unopposed. Help your fellow citizens by voting and nominating others for office.

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Spread the Word

Help restore our city by sharing this message and encouraging your friends and family to get involved. Together we can change Madison for the better.


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